Easy PFT
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In Singapore, NAPFA Test is conducted in every school annually. According to Ministry of Education, all the children must go through the test and it serves as a core method to access the fitness condition of the children. there are five static stations and a 2.4km run for secondary school or a 1.6km run for primary school pupil. the five stations are Sit-ups, Standing Broad Jump, Sit and Reach, Shuttle Run and Pull-ups (for males 15 years and above) and Inclined Pull-ups (for all females, and males up to the age of 14).
Easy PFT software designed for these five stations and 2.4km run (including 1.6km run). Moreover, the teacher can easily handle these six stations and easy to populate all the student records into OPM (Offline Processing Module) without keying in manually.
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