Company Profile
         Avalanche Mechtronics Pte Ltd was established in 14th May 1997 as a Private Limited Company. Prior to incorporation, the company operated as Avalanche Services for past 21 years and has been the leader in the market of coin-operated machines and dispensers.

         The key business activities of Avalanche are producing and engineering various coin-operated machines caters to the ever-changing needs of the markets.

         As one of the largest coin-operated machines operator in Singapore, our machines can be seen almost every corner of Singapore, examples: shopping centres, community clubs, private clubs, housing estates, MRT stations, departmental stores and even public toilets.

         We manufacture machines cater to the need of our end users. Some of our best-selling and break through products that are engineered by Avalanche are coin-operated tissue dispenser and BMI machines. These machines are sold to almost all eating houses, club houses, schools and hospitals in Singapore.

         In Avalanche, we aim to provide the best product and services to our customers. It is our company philosophy to work in partnership with our customers in order to better understand their needs. Our personalised services ensured that what our customers get is definitely the best among all solutions.

Avalanche Mechtronics Pte Ltd
2 Tannery Road #04-02
Cencon Building Singapore 347720
Tel : +65 6746 8062
Fax: +65 6746 5418